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“Some of these core human attributes — or traits that are part of the human experience — have a strong biological basis.” Her class, taught in January, touched on such recently established research as the role hormones play in pair bonding and social connection and why, in defiance of post-feminist societal norms, men are hard-wired to go for attractive young women, and women want good providers.

It also noted another, recently discovered genetic driver: the need of organisms to produce offspring with healthy immune systems.

To that end, researchers believe, our bodies excrete pheromones, or molecular signals, to trigger responses in potential mates via the sense of smell.

In his famous sweaty T-shirt study from the 1990s, Swiss biologist Claus Wedekind asked a group of female college students to smell T-shirts that had been worn by male students for two nights, without deodorant or scented soaps.

However, a whole bunch of Reddit users are up in arms about a recent change to the network's privacy policy.

Last week, Reddit removed a paragraph in its transparency report regarding "warrant canary" that stated it had never received surveillance requests from the government.

To care for a physically dependent child for an extended period of time, a woman needs a partner who can provide for her and the child.

“People will say this is horrible, this is sexist,” Alkon said, “but it’s just biology.” Biology may also explain the long-held double standard that says men can sleep around but women shouldn’t, Alkon said.

I can smell it when he’s not wearing deodorant, or when he’s playing basketball.” Over the past few years, the sweaty T-shirt study has inspired pheromone parties in which lonely hearts pass around plastic bags containing T-shirts worn for three days, and try to sniff out their soul mate.

A growing body of research suggests that humans subconsciously look for mates with dissimilar MHC (major histocompatibility complex) genes, which are involved in the immune system.

Diversity in the MHC genes better prepares our bodies to fend off a wider variety of infectious microorganisms — and, in Darwinist terms, promote the survival of the species.

Meanwhile, women don’t gravitate to high-status males because they are stuck in some “Feminist Mystique” nightmare.

Women need to be choosy because becoming a mother is a high-cost proposition, Alkon said.

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That makes today as good a time as any to explore recent breakthroughs in genetics, neuroscience and evolutionary psychology that offer new insights into whom we love — or lust for — and what we do about it.

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